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Are You with Me?


District 51
11th Annual Convention at Penang
27-31 May 04


Division D Appreciation Night 2004/2004


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Yiang Ping's call for endorsement from club members with this speech titled" Are you with me?"

Candidate for Division D Governor 2005-2006

Tay Yiang Ping ATMB CL

Are You With Me?

Dear Club President, Fellow Toastmasters, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Have you had such an experience? You were helpless, you didn't know what to do, you didn't know how to do, you have not prepared for such a situation!

The Tsunami disaster had killed 160,000 people; the victims too were not prepared. We are very fortunate that no member of our Toastmasters International organization has lost lives or homes.

As quoted by Jon R Greiner DTM, International President "we need to take the gift of life and make the most of it to make the world a better place." (THE TOASTMASTER Magazine Feburary 2005 issue)

A Better Place, A Better Being, A Better Tommorrow

In Toastmasters, we make the world a better place by helping 200,000 members around the world to becoming more capable of communicating and leading.

Toastmasters International founded in 1924 by Dr Ralph Smedly. Her Vision: To empower people to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams. Through our member clubs, people throughout the world can improve their communication and leadership skills, and find the courage to change, and make difference in others' lives.

Changing Lives, One At A Time! Is the Theme for this term 2004-2005, I am fully supporting this statement. When I looked back to the first time I joined Toastmasters, I could recall on how much the Toastmasters program has helped me, how much friendships formed in Toastmasters has enriched me, and how much the overall experience has moulded me to what I am today.

Club 8046-51

I started as a Toastmaster 6 years ago in 1999, I became the Club Secretary after few months, and went on becoming Vice-President Membership, and have received the Smedly Award with this gold pin when I recruited more than 5 members in one of the month, I went further, nominated by our dearest club members and becoming the Club President, I took on the challenge, and set the goals for the Club, we achieved10/10 Goals 2 months before the end of the Term and our club became the President Distinguished Club, I was also nominated as the Area D5 Toastmaster of the year.

Area D1

I became the Area Governor of 4 Clubs in the following term; I worked very hard to revive one of my Area Clubs in Area D1 to becoming the Distinguished Club, and my Area became the President Distinguished Area during the last term.

District 80

I was appointed as the Assistant Governor Public Relations Officer and District Secretariat this term... and also served as the District 80 Webmaster serving 4 Countries, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand & Singapore...

With all the Toastmasters experience, I am not just be trained as a better leader, I have also improved "tremendously" in my speaking skills, my greatest achievement to-date though cannot compare to Chai Tun and Kris Tay, I have won the 2nd place in our Club Humorous Speech Contest, and 3rd place in the Area Contest last year!

Friends, are you with me?

I hoped everyone has shared the same with me, I urge everyone of you, to do the same for our members, help, enrich and mold every member into the excellent Communicator and Leader.

Are you with me?

Would you like to share the benefit of being a Toastmaster with your friends, your families, your colleagues and all the people around you?

Are you with me?

Would you like to provide many people with the opportunity to participate in Toastmasters and improve them?

Toastmasters International has provided us with very well structured Educational Programme, to prepare us and help us to change our lives!

Many asked me, "Yiang Ping, what role would you be serving in the next term?"

In January, this year, I received an email from ...., he wrote:

Dear YP,

..... As I mentioned to you, we need someone with Managerial as well as Organizational skills and Public Relations capabilities. In this aspect, with due respects to all the able bodied Toastmasters we have in the Division, I sincerely believe only you stand out among the rest.

We need not examine your Managerial and Organizational skills, just look at Radin Mas TMC and the events you've helped to organize and run. As for PR, who among us is better known than our District Webmaster?

So Dear Yiang Ping, please don't let us down. As the next DVG you will have James' and my support and I am sure everyone else in Division D... (intentionally remove some confidential information in between) I feel as DVG your talents and service would be better utilized.

Please consider this.

Thank you and Best Regards,
Your friend always,

... Past Division Governor


The Club

Friends, our Club is well known to be a very successful club, we achieved 3 consecutive terms as the President Distinguished Club, and we have produced 4 Area Governors.

The Leaders ..

Last term, all the 3 Area Governors from our Club achieved the President Distinguished Area Award Status. In January, our Club was invited to be the Organising Committee to run the District 80 Achievers' Day, and it was very successful.

And The Champions ...

If you can still remember, last year our Club produced the Division D Evaluation Champion, that is our IPP Yeo Chai Tun ATM-S CL. This year our club President became the Area D3 Champion, and I am sure, she will do us proud in the upcoming Division D International Speech Contest too on 16 Apr 2005.

All of us in the club have moved ahead because we mutually supported each other and encouraged one another to attain greater heights.


May I ask you again ....

Friends, our club needs to move ahead, our members need to move forward, and now I am standing here to call for action, "Are you with me?" Will you support me to becoming the Division Governor next term to serve the 28 Clubs in Division D, starting 1st July this year.

The Secret of Successful Leadership

Our past Division Governor Michael Rodrigues, has the 100 members SRC TMC members to support him during his term, Our current Division Governor, James Lim has a strong and committed Queenstown TMC members to help him in many ways especially during the Division Contests and Workshops, would I have the privilege like them to have our home club TPC CC TMC members' support too?

Toastmasters have great positive impact in my life and I would like to share this with many who have yet to know about this wonderful Organisation and her programmes. I hope and I appeal for your support to aid me in helping to change and make difference in others' lives, one at a time.

Thanking you in advance . . .

I thank you all in advance, and this is the form that I have prepared for Chai Tun to nominate me as the Division D Governor.

. . . and looking forward

I look forward to your support and encouragement, and I assure you that I will serve to the best of my abilities in the interest of Division D and especially members of TPCCC TMC!

Thank you!


Since 8th Mar 2004